12 CFR § 1239.13 - Regulatory reports.

§ 1239.13 Regulatory reports.

(a) Reports. Each regulated entity shall file Regulatory Reports with FHFA in accordance with the forms, instructions, and schedules issued by FHFA from time to time. If no regularly scheduled reporting dates are established, Regulatory Reports shall be filed as requested by FHFA.

(b) Definition. For purposes of this section, the term Regulatory Report means any report to FHFA of information or raw or summary data needed to evaluate the safe and sound condition or operations of a regulated entity, or to determine compliance with any:

(1) Provision in the Bank Act, Safety and Soundness Act, or other law, order, rule, or regulation;

(2) Condition imposed in writing by FHFA in connection with the granting of any application or other request by a regulated entity; or

(3) Written agreement entered into between FHFA and a regulated entity.