12 CFR § 1240.201 - Purpose, applicability, and reservation of authority.

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§ 1240.201 Purpose, applicability, and reservation of authority.

(a) Purpose. This subpart F establishes risk-based capital requirements for spread risk and provides methods for the Enterprises to calculate their measure for spread risk.

(b) Applicability. This subpart applies to each Enterprise.

(c) Reservation of authority. Subject to applicable provisions of the Safety and Soundness Act:

(1) FHFA may require an Enterprise to hold an amount of capital greater than otherwise required under this subpart if FHFA determines that the Enterprise's capital requirement for spread risk as calculated under this subpart is not commensurate with the spread risk of the Enterprise's covered positions.

(2) If FHFA determines that the risk-based capital requirement calculated under this subpart by the Enterprise for one or more covered positions or portfolios of covered positions is not commensurate with the risks associated with those positions or portfolios, FHFA may require the Enterprise to assign a different risk-based capital requirement to the positions or portfolios that more accurately reflects the risk of the positions or portfolios.

(3) In addition to calculating risk-based capital requirements for specific positions or portfolios under this subpart, the Enterprise must also calculate risk-based capital requirements for covered positions under subpart D or subpart E of this part, as appropriate.

(4) Nothing in this subpart limits the authority of FHFA under any other provision of law or regulation to take supervisory or enforcement action, including action to address unsafe or unsound practices or conditions, deficient capital levels, or violations of law.