12 CFR § 1277.27 - Other restrictions on the repurchase or redemption of Bank stock.

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§ 1277.27 Other restrictions on the repurchase or redemption of Bank stock.

(a) Capital impairment. A Bank may not redeem or repurchase any capital stock without the prior written approval of the Director if the Director or the board of directors of the Bank has determined that the Bank has incurred or is likely to incur losses that result in or are likely to result in charges against the capital of the Bank. This prohibition shall apply even if a Bank is currently in compliance with its regulatory capital requirements, and shall remain in effect for however long the Bank continues to incur such charges or until the Director determines that such charges are not expected to continue.

(b) Bank discretion to suspend redemption. A Bank, upon the approval of its board of directors, or of a subcommittee thereof, may suspend redemption of stock if the Bank reasonably believes that continued redemption of stock would cause the Bank to fail to meet its regulatory capital requirements, would prevent the Bank from maintaining adequate capital against a potential risk that may not be adequately reflected in its regulatory capital requirements, or would otherwise prevent the Bank from operating in a safe and sound manner. A Bank shall notify the Director in writing within two business days of the date of the decision to suspend the redemption of stock, providing the reasons for the suspension and the Bank's strategies and time frames for addressing the conditions that led to the suspension. The Director may require the Bank to re-institute the redemption of stock. A Bank shall not repurchase any stock without the written permission of the Director during any period in which the Bank has suspended redemption of stock under this paragraph.