12 CFR 146.2 - Procedure; effective date.

§ 146.2 Procedure; effective date.
(a) A Federal mutual savings association may combine with any depository institution, provided that:
(1) The combination is in compliance with, and receives all approvals required under, any applicable statutes and regulations;
(2) Any resulting Federal savings association meets the requirements for Federal Home Loan Bank membership and insurance of accounts;
(3) Any resulting Federal savings association conforms within the time prescribed by the OCC to the requirements ofsections 5(c) and 10(m) of the Home Owners' Loan Act; and
(4) The resulting institution shall be a mutually held savings association, unless:
(i) The transaction involves a supervisory merger;
(ii) The transaction is approved underpart 192 of this chapter; or
(iii) The transaction involves a transfer in the context of a mutual holding company reorganization undersection 10(o) of the Home Owners' Loan Act.
(b) Each Federal mutual savings association, by a two-thirds vote of its board of directors, shall approve a plan of combination evidenced by a combination agreement. The agreement shall state:
(1) That the combination shall not be effective unless and until the combination receives any necessary approval from the OCC pursuant to§ 163.22 (a) or (c), or in the case of a transaction requiring a notice pursuant to § 163.22(c), the notice has been filed, and the appropriate period of time has passed or the OCC has advised the parties that it will not disapprove the transaction;
(2) Which constituent institution is to be the resulting institution;
(3) The name of the resulting institution;
(4) The location of the home office and any other offices of the resulting institution;
(5) The terms and conditions of the combination and the method of effectuation;
(6) Any charter amendments, or the new charter in the combination;
(7) The basis upon which the resulting institution's savings accounts will be issued;
(8) If the Federal mutual savings association is the resulting institution, the number, names, residence addresses, and terms of directors;
(9) The effect upon and assumption of any liquidation account of a disappearing institution by the resulting institution; and
(10) Such other provisions, agreements, or understandings as relate to the combination.
(c) Prior written notification or notice to the appropriate OCC licensing office or prior written approval of the OCC, pursuant to§ 163.22 of this chapter, is required for every combination. In the case of applications and notices pursuant to 163.22 (a) or (c), the OCC shall apply the criteria set out in § 163.22 of this chapter and shall impose any conditions it deems necessary or appropriate to ensure compliance with those criteria and the requirements of this chapter.
(d) Where the resulting institution is a Federal mutual savings association, the OCC may approve a temporary increase in the number of directors of the resulting institution provided that the association submits a plan for bringing the board of directors into compliance with the requirements of§ 144.1 of this chapter within a reasonable period of time.
(e) Notwithstanding any other provision of this part, the OCC may require that a plan of combination be submitted to the voting members of any of the mutual savings associations that are constituent institutions at a duly called meeting(s), and that the plan, to be effective, be approved by such voting members.
(f) A conservator or receiver for a Federal mutual savings association may combine the association with another insured depository institution without submitting the plan to the association's board of directors or members for their approval.
(g) If a plan of combination provides for a resulting Federal mutual savings association's name or location to be changed, its charter shall be amended accordingly. If the resulting institution is a Federal mutual savings association, the effective date of the combination shall be the date specified in the approval; if the resulting institution is not a Federal savings association, the effective date shall be that prescribed under applicable law. Approval of a merger automatically cancels the Federal charter of a Federal association that is a disappearing institution as of the effective date of merger, and the association shall, on that date, surrender its charter to the OCC.
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