12 CFR § 1807.801 - Evaluation of applications.

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§ 1807.801 Evaluation of applications.

(a) Eligibility and completeness. An Applicant will not be eligible to receive a CMF Award if it fails to meet the eligibility requirements described in § 1807.200 and in the applicable NOFA, or if the Applicant has not submitted complete application materials. For the purposes of this paragraph (a), the CDFI Fund reserves the right to request additional information from the Applicant, if the CDFI Fund deems it appropriate.

(b) Substantive review. In evaluating and selecting applications to receive assistance, the CDFI Fund will evaluate the Applicant's likelihood of success in meeting the factors set forth in the applicable NOFA including, but not limited to:

(1) The Applicant's ability to use a CMF Award to generate additional investments, including private sources of funding;

(2) The need for affordable housing in the Applicant's Service Area;

(3) The ability of the Applicant to obligate amounts and undertake activities in a timely manner; and

(4) In the case of an Applicant that has previously received assistance under any CDFI Fund program, the Applicant's level of success in meeting its performance goals, reporting requirements, and other requirements contained in the previously negotiated and executed assistance, allocation or award agreement(s) with the CDFI Fund, any undisbursed balance of assistance, and compliance with applicable Federal laws.

(c) The CDFI Fund may consider any other factors that it deems appropriate in reviewing an application, as set forth in the applicable NOFA, the application and related guidance materials.

(d) Consultation with appropriate regulatory agencies. In the case of an Applicant that is a Federally regulated financial institution, the CDFI Fund may consult with the Appropriate Federal Banking Agency or Appropriate State Agency prior to making a final award decision and prior to entering into an Assistance Agreement.

(e) Recipient selection. The CDFI Fund will select Recipients based on the criteria described in paragraph (b) of this section and any other criteria set forth in this part or the applicable NOFA.

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