12 CFR 208.23 - Agricultural loan loss amortization.

§ 208.23 Agricultural loan loss amortization.

(a)Definitions. For purposes of this section:

(1)Accepting official means:

(i) The Reserve Bank in whose district the bank is located; or

(ii) The Director of the Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation in cases in which the Reserve Bank cannot determine that the bank qualifies.

(2)Agriculturally related other property means any property, real or personal, that the bank owned on January 1, 1983, and any additional property that it acquired prior to January 1, 1992, in connection with a qualified agricultural loan. For the purposes of paragraph (d) of this section, the value of such property shall include the amount previously charged off as a loss.

(3)Participating bank means an agricultural bank (as defined in 12 U.S.C. 1823(j)(4)(A)) that, as of January 1, 1992, had a proposal for a capital restoration plan accepted by an accepting official and received permission from the accepting official, subject to paragraphs (d) and (e) of this section, to amortize losses in accordance with paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section.

(4)Qualified agricultural loan means:

(i) Loans that finance agricultural production or are secured by farm land for purposes of Schedule RC-C of the FFIEC Consolidated Report of Condition or such other comparable schedule;

(ii) Loans secured by farm machinery;

(iii) Other loans that a bank proves to be sufficiently related to agriculture for classification as an agricultural loan by the Board; and

(iv) The remaining unpaid balance of any loans described in paragraphs (a)(4) (i), (ii) and (iii) of this section that have been charged off since January 1, 1984, and that qualify for deferral under this section.


(1) Provided there is no evidence that the loss resulted from fraud or criminal abuse on the part of the bank, the officers, directors, or principal shareholders, a participating bank may amortize in its Reports of Condition and Income:

(i) Any loss on a qualified agricultural loan that the bank would be required to reflect in its financial statements for any period between and including 1984 and 1991; or

(ii) Any loss that the bank would be required to reflect in its financial statements for any period between and including 1983 and 1991 resulting from a reappraisal or sale of agriculturally-related other property.

(2) Amortization under this section shall be computed over a period not to exceed seven years on a quarterly straight-line basis commencing in the first quarter after the loan was or is charged off so as to be fully amortized not later than December 31, 1998.

(c)Accounting for amortization. Any bank that is permitted to amortize losses in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section may restate its capital and other relevant accounts and account for future authorized deferrals and authorization in accordance with the instructions to the FFIEC Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income. Any resulting increase in the capital account shall be included in capital pursuant to part 217 of this chapter.

(d)Conditions of participation. In order for a bank to maintain its status as a participating bank, it shall:

(1) Adhere to the approved capital plan and obtain the prior approval of the accepting official before making any modifications to the plan;

(2) Maintain accounting records for each asset subject to loss deferral under the program that document the amount and timing of the deferrals, repayments, and authorizations;

(3) Maintain the financial condition of the bank so that it does not deteriorate to the point where it is no longer a viable, fundamentally sound institution;

(4) Make a reasonable effort, consistent with safe and sound banking practices, to maintain in its loan portfolio a percentage of agricultural loans, including agriculturally-related other property, not less than the percentage of such loans in its loan portfolio on January 1, 1986; and

(5) Provide the accepting official, upon request, with any information the accepting official deems necessary to monitor the bank's amortization, its compliance with the conditions of participation, and its continued eligibility.

(e)Revocation of eligibility for loss amortization. The failure to comply with any condition in an acceptance, with the capital restoration plan, or with the conditions stated in paragraph (d) of this section, is grounds for revocation of acceptance for loss amortization and for an administrative action against the bank under 12 U.S.C. 1818(b). In addition, acceptance of a bank for loss amortization shall not foreclose any administrative action against the bank that the Board may deem appropriate.

(f)Expiration date. The terms of this section will no longer be in effect as of January 1, 1999.

[ 63 FR 37641, July 13, 1998, as amended by Reg. H, 78 FR 62282, Oct. 11, 2013]

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