12 CFR § 220.105 - Ninety-day rule in special cash account.

§ 220.105 Ninety-day rule in special cash account.

(a) Section 220.4(c)(8) places a limitation on a special cash account if a security other than an exempted security has been purchased in the account and “without having been previously paid for in full by the customer * * * has been * * * delivered out to any broker or dealer.” The limitation is that during the succeeding 90 days the customer may not purchase a security in the account other than an exempted security unless funds sufficient for the purpose are held in the account. In other words, the privilege of delayed payment in such an account is withdrawn during the 90-day period.

(b) The Board recently considered a question as to whether the following situation makes an account subject to the 90-day disqualification: A customer purchases registered security ABC in a special cash account. The broker executes the order in good faith as a bona fide cash transaction, expecting to obtain full cash payment promptly. The next day, the customer sells registered security XYZ in the account, promising to deposit it promptly in the account. The proceeds of the sale are equal to or greater than the cost of security ABC. After both sale and purchase have been made, the customer requests the broker to deliver security ABC to a different broker, to receive security XYZ from that broker at about the same time, and to settle with the other broker—such settlement to be made either by paying the cost of security XYZ to the other broker and receiving from him the cost of security ABC, or by merely settling any difference between these amounts.

(c) The Board expressed the view that the account becomes subject to the 90-day disqualification in § 220.4(c)(8). In the instant case, unlike that described at 1940 Federal Reserve Bulletin 772, the security sold is not held in the account and is not to be deposited in it unconditionally. It is to be obtained only against the delivery to the other broker of the security which had been purchased. Hence payment can not be said to have been made prior to such delivery; the purchased security has been delivered out to a broker without previously having been paid for in full, and the account becomes subject to the 90-day disqualification.

[13 FR 2368, May 1, 1948]