12 CFR § 221.112 - Loans by bank in capacity as trustee.

§ 221.112 Loans by bank in capacity as trustee.

(a) The Board's advice has been requested whether a bank's activities in connection with the administration of an employees' savings plan are subject to this part.

(b) Under the plan, any regular, full-time employee may participate by authorizing the sponsoring company to deduct a percentage of his salary and wages and transmit the same to the bank as trustee. Voluntary contributions by the company are allocated among the participants. A participant may direct that funds held for him be invested by the trustee in insurance, annuity contracts, Series E Bonds, or in one or more of three specified securities which are listed on a stock exchange. Loans to purchase the stocks may be made to participants from funds of the trust, subject to approval of the administrative committee, which is composed of five participants, and of the trustee. The bank's right to approve is said to be restricted to the mechanics of making the loan, the purpose being to avoid cumbersome procedures.

(c) Loans are secured by the credit balance of the borrowing participants in the savings fund, including stock, but excluding (in practice) insurance and annuity contracts and government securities. Additional stocks may be, but, in practice, have not been pledged as collateral for loans. Loans are not made, under the plan, from bank funds, and participants do not borrow from the bank upon assignment of the participants' accounts in the trust.

(d) It is urged that loans under the plan are not subject to this part because a loan should not be considered as having been made by a bank where the bank acts solely in its capacity of trustee, without exercise of any discretion.

(e) The Board reviewed this question upon at least one other occasion, and full consideration has again been given to the matter. After considering the arguments on both sides, the Board has reaffirmed its earlier view that, in conformity with an interpretation not published in the Code of Federal Regulations which was published at page 874 of the 1946 Federal Reserve Bulletin (See 12 CFR 261.10(f) for information on how to obtain Board publications.), this part applies to the activities of a bank when it is acting in its capacity as trustee. Although the bank in that case had at best a limited discretion with respect to loans made by it in its capacity as trustee, the Board concluded that this fact did not affect the application of the regulation to such loans.

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