12 CFR § 225.13 - Factors considered in acting on bank acquisition proposals.

§ 225.13 Factors considered in acting on bank acquisition proposals.

(a) Factors requiring denial. As specified in section 3(c) of the BHC Act, the Board may not approve any application under this subpart if:

(1) The transaction would result in a monopoly or would further any combination or conspiracy to monopolize, or to attempt to monopolize, the business of banking in any part of the United States;

(2) The effect of the transaction may be substantially to lessen competition in any section of the country, tend to create a monopoly, or in any other manner be in restraint of trade, unless the Board finds that the transaction's anti-competitive effects are clearly outweighed by its probable effect in meeting the convenience and needs of the community;

(3) The applicant has failed to provide the Board with adequate assurances that it will make available such information on its operations or activities, and the operations or activities of any affiliate of the applicant, that the Board deems appropriate to determine and enforce compliance with the BHC Act and other applicable federal banking statutes, and any regulations thereunder; or

(4) In the case of an application involving a foreign banking organization, the foreign banking organization is not subject to comprehensive supervision or regulation on a consolidated basis by the appropriate authorities in its home country, as provided in § 211.24(c)(1)(ii) of the Board's Regulation K (12 CFR 211.24(c)(1)(ii)).

(b) Other factors. In deciding applications under this subpart, the Board also considers the following factors with respect to the applicant, its subsidiaries, any banks related to the applicant through common ownership or management, and the bank or banks to be acquired:

(1) Financial condition. Their financial condition and future prospects, including whether current and projected capital positions and levels of indebtedness conform to standards and policies established by the Board.

(2) Managerial resources. The competence, experience, and integrity of the officers, directors, and principal shareholders of the applicant, its subsidiaries, and the banks and bank holding companies concerned; their record of compliance with laws and regulations; and the record of the applicant and its affiliates of fulfilling any commitments to, and any conditions imposed by, the Board in connection with prior applications.

(3) Convenience and needs of community. The convenience and needs of the communities to be served, including the record of performance under the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (12 U.S.C. 2901 et seq.) and regulations issued thereunder, including the Board's Regulation BB (12 CFR part 228).

(c) Interstate transactions. The Board may approve any application or notice under this subpart by a bank holding company to acquire control of all or substantially all of the assets of a bank located in a state other than the home state of the bank holding company, without regard to whether the transaction is prohibited under the law of any state, if the transaction complies with the requirements of section 3(d) of the BHC Act (12 U.S.C. 1842(d)).

(d) Conditional approvals. The Board may impose conditions on any approval, including conditions to address competitive, financial, managerial, safety and soundness, convenience and needs, compliance or other concerns, to ensure that approval is consistent with the relevant statutory factors and other provisions of the BHC Act.