12 CFR § 252.3 - Reservation of authority.

§ 252.3 Reservation of authority.

(a) In general. Nothing in this part limits the authority of the Board under any provision of law or regulation to impose on any company additional enhanced prudential standards, including, but not limited to, additional risk-based or leverage capital or liquidity requirements, leverage limits, limits on exposures to single counterparties, risk-management requirements, stress tests, or other requirements or restrictions the Board deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this part or Title I of the Dodd-Frank Act, or to take supervisory or enforcement action, including action to address unsafe and unsound practices or conditions, or violations of law or regulation.

(b) Modifications or extensions of this part. The Board may extend or accelerate any compliance date of this part if the Board determines that such extension or acceleration is appropriate. In determining whether an extension or acceleration is appropriate, the Board will consider the effect of the modification on financial stability, the period of time for which the modification would be necessary to facilitate compliance with this part, and the actions the company is taking to come into compliance with this part.

(c) Reservation of authority for certain foreign banking organizations. The Board may permit a foreign banking organization to comply with the requirements of this part through a subsidiary. In making this determination, the Board shall consider:

(1) The ownership structure of the foreign banking organization, including whether the foreign banking organization is owned or controlled by a foreign government;

(2) Whether the action would be consistent with the purposes of this part; and

(3) Any other factors that the Board determines are relevant.

[Reg. YY, 79 FR 17315, Mar. 27, 2014, as amended at 84 FR 59098, Nov. 1, 2019]