12 CFR § 303.102 - Filing procedures and waiver of prior notice.

§ 303.102 Filing procedures and waiver of prior notice.

(a) FDIC-supervised institutions. An FDIC-supervised institution shall give the FDIC written notice, as specified in paragraph (c)(1) of this section, at least 30 days prior to adding or replacing any member of its board of directors, employing any person as a senior executive officer of the institution, or changing the responsibilities of any senior executive officer so that the person would assume a different senior executive officer position, if the FDIC-supervised institution:

(1) Is not in compliance with all minimum capital requirements applicable to the FDIC-supervised institution as determined on the basis of the institution's most recent report of condition or report of examination;

(2) Is in troubled condition; or

(3) The FDIC determines, in connection with its review of a capital restoration plan required under section 38(e)(2) of the FDI Act (12 U.S.C. 1831o(e)(2)) or otherwise, that such notice is appropriate.

(b) Insured branches of foreign banks. In the case of the addition of a member of the board of directors or a change in senior executive officer in a foreign bank having an insured state branch, the notice requirement shall not apply to such additions and changes in the foreign bank parent, but only to changes in senior executive officers in the state branch.

(c) Waiver of prior notice -

(1) Waiver requests. The FDIC may permit an individual, upon petition by the FDIC-supervised institution to the appropriate FDIC office, to serve as a senior executive officer or director before filing the notice required under this subpart if the FDIC finds that:

(i) Delay would threaten the safety and soundness of the FDIC-supervised institution;

(ii) Delay would not be in the public interest; or

(iii) Other extraordinary circumstances exist that justify waiver of prior notice.

(2) Automatic waiver. The prior 30-day notice is automatically waived in the case of the election of a new director not proposed by management at a meeting of the shareholders of an FDIC-supervised institution, and the individual immediately may begin serving, provided that a complete notice is filed with the appropriate FDIC office within two business days after the individual's election.

(3) Effect on disapproval authority. A waiver shall not affect the authority of the FDIC to disapprove a notice within 30 days after a waiver is granted under paragraph (c)(1) of this section or the election of an individual who has filed a notice and is serving pursuant to an automatic waiver under paragraph (c)(2) of this section.


(1) Content of filing. The notice required by paragraph (a) of this section shall be filed with the appropriate FDIC office and shall contain information pertaining to the competence, experience, character, or integrity of the individual with respect to whom the notice is submitted, as prescribed in the designated interagency form which is available from any FDIC regional director. The FDIC may require additional information.

(2) Modification. The FDIC may modify or accept other information in place of the requirements of paragraph (d)(1) of this section for a notice filed under this subpart.

[67 FR 79247, Dec. 27, 2002, as amended at 85 FR 3245, Jan. 21, 2020]

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