12 CFR § 303.242 - Exercise of trust powers.

§ 303.242 Exercise of trust powers.

(a) Scope. This section contains the procedures to be followed by a State nonmember bank or State savings association that seeks to obtain the FDIC's prior written consent to exercise trust powers. The FDIC's prior written consent to exercise trust powers is not required in the following circumstances:

(1) Where a State nonmember bank or State savings association received authority to exercise trust powers from its chartering authority prior to December 1, 1950; or

(2) Where the institution continues to conduct trust activities pursuant to authority granted by its chartering authority subsequent to a charter conversion or withdrawal from membership in the Federal Reserve System.

(b) Where to file. Applicants shall submit to the appropriate FDIC office a completed form, “Application for Consent to Exercise Trust Powers.” This form may be obtained from any FDIC regional director.

(c) Content of filing. The filing shall consist of the completed trust application form.

(d) Additional information. The FDIC may request additional information at any time during processing of the filing.

(e) Expedited processing for eligible depository institutions. An application filed under this section by an eligible depository institution as defined in § 303.2(r) will be acknowledged in writing by the FDIC and will receive expedited processing, unless the applicant is notified in writing to the contrary and provided with the basis for that decision. The FDIC may remove an application from expedited processing for any of the reasons set forth in § 303.11(c)(2.). Absent such removal, an application processed under expedited procedures will be deemed approved 30 days after the FDIC's receipt of a substantially complete application.

(f) Standard processing. For those applications that are not processed pursuant to the expedited procedures, the FDIC will provide the applicant with written notification of the final action when the decision is rendered.

[83 FR 60337, Nov. 26, 2018]