12 CFR § 308.112 - Notice of disapproval.

§ 308.112 Notice of disapproval.

(a)General rule.

(1) Within three days of the decision by the Board of Directors or its designee to disapprove a proposed acquisition of control of an insured nonmember bank, a written notice of disapproval shall be mailed by first class mail to, or otherwise served upon, the party seeking acquire control.

(2) The notice of disapproval shall:

(i) Contain a statement of the basis for the disapproval; and

(ii) Indicate that a hearing may be requested by filing a written request with the Executive Secretary within ten days after service of the notice of disapproval; and if a hearing is requested, that an answer to the notice of disapproval, as required by § 308.113, must be filed within 20 days after service of the notice of disapproval.

(b)Waiver of hearing. Failure to request a hearing pursuant to this section shall constitute a waiver of the opportunity for a hearing and the notice of disapproval shall constitute a final and unappealable order.

(c)Section 308.18(b) of the Uniform Rules shall not apply to the content of the Notice of Disapproval.