12 CFR § 329.2 - Reservation of authority.

§ 329.2 Reservation of authority.
Link to an amendment published at 86 FR 9219, Feb. 11, 2021.

(a) The FDIC may require an FDIC-supervised institution to hold an amount of high-quality liquid assets (HQLA) greater than otherwise required under this part, or to take any other measure to improve the FDIC-supervised institution's liquidity risk profile, if the FDIC determines that the FDIC-supervised institution's liquidity requirements as calculated under this part are not commensurate with the FDIC-supervised institution's liquidity risks. In making determinations under this section, the FDIC will apply notice and response procedures as set forth in 12 CFR 324.5.

(b) Nothing in this part limits the authority of the FDIC under any other provision of law or regulation to take supervisory or enforcement action, including action to address unsafe or unsound practices or conditions, deficient liquidity levels, or violations of law.