12 CFR § 344.4 - Recordkeeping.

§ 344.4 Recordkeeping.

(a) General rule. An FDIC-supervised institution effecting securities transactions for customers shall maintain the following records for at least three years:

(1) Chronological records. An itemized daily record of each purchase and sale of securities maintained in chronological order, and including:

(i) Account or customer name for which each transaction was effected;

(ii) Description of the securities;

(iii) Unit and aggregate purchase or sale price;

(iv) Trade date; and

(v) Name or other designation of the broker/dealer or other person from whom the securities were purchased or to whom the securities were sold;

(2) Account records. Account records for each customer, reflecting:

(i) Purchases and sales of securities;

(ii) Receipts and deliveries of securities;

(iii) Receipts and disbursements of cash; and

(iv) Other debits and credits pertaining to transactions in securities;

(3) A separate memorandum (order ticket) of each order to purchase or sell securities (whether executed or canceled), which shall include:

(i) The accounts for which the transaction was effected;

(ii) Whether the transaction was a market order, limit order, or subject to special instructions;

(iii) The time the order was received by the trader or other FDIC-supervised institution employee responsible for effecting the transaction;

(iv) The time the order was placed with the broker/dealer, or if there was no broker/dealer, time the order was executed or canceled;

(v) The price at which the order was executed; and

(vi) The broker/dealer utilized;

(4) Record of broker/dealers. A record of all broker/dealers selected by the FDIC-supervised institution to effect securities transactions and the amount of commissions paid or allocated to each broker during the calendar year; and

(5) Notifications. A copy of the written notification required by §§ 344.5 and 344.6.

(b) Manner of maintenance. Records may be maintained in whatever manner, form or format an FDIC-supervised institution deems appropriate, provided however, the records required by this section must clearly and accurately reflect the information required and provide an adequate basis for the audit of the information. Records may be maintained in hard copy, automated or electronic form provided the records are easily retrievable, readily available for inspection, and capable of being reproduced in a hard copy. An FDIC-supervised institution may contract with third party service providers, including broker/dealers, to maintain records required under this part.