12 CFR § 366.14 - What information must I provide the FDIC?

§ 366.14 What information must I provide the FDIC?

You must:

(a) Certify in writing that you can perform services for us under § 366.3 and have no conflict of interest under § 366.10(a).

(b) Submit a list and description of any instance during the preceding five years in which you, any person that owns or controls you, or any entity you own or control, defaulted on a material obligation to an insured depository institution. A default on a material obligation occurs when a loan or advance with an outstanding balance of more than $50,000 is or was delinquent for 90 days or more.

(c) Notify us within 10 business days after you become aware that you, or any person you employ to perform services for us, are not in compliance with this part. Your notice must include a detailed description of the facts of the situation and how you intend to resolve the matter.

(d) Agree in writing that you will employ only persons who meet the requirements of this part to perform services on our behalf.

(e) Comply with any request from us for information.

(f) Retain any information you prepare or rely upon regarding the provisions of this part for a period of three years following termination or expiration and final payment of the related contract for services whichever occurs last.