12 CFR 37.3 - Prohibited practices.

§ 37.3 Prohibited practices.
(a) Anti-tying. A national bank may not extend credit nor alter the terms or conditions of an extension of credit conditioned upon the customer entering into a debt cancellation contract or debt suspension agreement with the bank.
(b) Misrepresentations generally. A national bank may not engage in any practice or use any advertisement that could mislead or otherwise cause a reasonable person to reach an erroneous belief with respect to information that must be disclosed under this part.
(c) Prohibited contract terms. A national bank may not offer debt cancellation contracts or debt suspension agreements that contain terms:
(1) Giving the bank the right unilaterally to modify the contract unless:
(i) The modification is favorable to the customer and is made without additional charge to the customer; or
(ii) The customer is notified of any proposed change and is provided a reasonable opportunity to cancel the contract without penalty before the change goes into effect; or
(2) Requiring a lump sum, single payment for the contract payable at the outset of the contract, where the debt subject to the contract is a residential mortgage loan.

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