12 CFR § 371.3 - Maintenance of records.

§ 371.3 Maintenance of records.

(a) Form and availability.

(1) Unless it is not required to maintain records in electronic form as provided in § 371.4(d), a records entity shall maintain the records described in § 371.4 in electronic form and shall be capable of producing such records electronically in the format set forth in the appendices of this part.

(2) All such records shall be updated on a daily basis and shall be based upon values and information no less current than previous end-of-day values and information.

(3) Except as provided in § 371.4(d), a records entity shall compile the records described in § 371.4(a) or § 371.4(b) (as applicable) in a manner that permits aggregation and disaggregation of such records by counterparty. If the records are maintained pursuant to § 371.4(b), they must be compiled by the records entity on a consolidated basis for itself and its reportable subsidiaries in a manner that also permits aggregation and disaggregation of such records by the records entity and its reportable subsidiary.

(4) Records maintained pursuant to § 371.4(b) by a records entity that is a Part 148 affiliate shall be compiled consistently, in all respects, with records compiled by its affiliate(s) pursuant to Part 148.

(5) A records entity shall maintain each set of daily records for a period of not less than five business days.

(b) Change in point of contact. A records entity shall provide to the FDIC, in writing, any change to the name and contact information for the person at the records entity who is responsible for recordkeeping under this part within 3 business days of any change to such information.

(c) Access to records. A records entity shall be capable of providing the records specified in § 371.4 (based on the immediately preceding day's end-of-day values and information) to the FDIC no later than 7 a.m. (Eastern Time) each day. A records entity is required to make such records available to the FDIC following a written request by the FDIC for such records. Any such written request shall specify the date such records are to be made available (and the period of time covered by the request) and shall provide the records entity at least 8 hours to respond to the request. If the request is made less than 8 hours before such 7 a.m. deadline, the deadline shall be automatically extended to the time that is 8 hours following the time of the request.

(d) Maintenance of records after a records entity is no longer in a troubled condition. A records entity shall continue to maintain the capacity to produce the records required under this part on a daily basis for a period of one year after the date that the appropriate Federal banking agency or the FDIC notifies the institution, in writing, that it is no longer in a troubled condition as defined in § 371.2(w).

(e) Maintenance of records after an acquisition of a records entity. If a records entity ceases to exist as an insured depository institution as a result of a merger or a similar transaction with an insured depository institution that is not in a troubled condition immediately following the transaction, the obligation to maintain records under this part on a daily basis will terminate when the records entity ceases to exist as a separately insured depository institution.