12 CFR § 390.252 - How must separate corporate identities be maintained?

§ 390.252 How must separate corporate identities be maintained?

(a) Each State savings association and subordinate organization thereof must be operated in a manner that demonstrates to the public that each maintains a separate corporate existence. Each must operate so that:

(1) Their respective business transactions, accounts, and records are not intermingled;

(2) Each observes the formalities of their separate corporate procedures;

(3) Each is adequately financed as a separate unit in light of normal obligations reasonably foreseeable in a business of its size and character;

(4) Each is held out to the public as a separate enterprise; and

(5) Unless the parent State savings association has guaranteed a loan to the subordinate organization, all borrowings by the subordinate organization indicate that the parent is not liable.

(b) The FDIC regulations that apply both to State savings associations and subordinate organizations shall not be construed as requiring a State savings association and its subordinate organizations to operate as a single entity.