12 CFR § 4.64 - Promotion.

§ 4.64 Promotion.

(a) Scope. The OCC, under the direction of the Deputy Comptroller for Resource Management, engages in promotion and outreach activities designed to identify MWOBs and IDOBs capable of providing goods and services needed by the OCC, to facilitate interaction between the OCC and the MWOBs and IDOBs community, and to indicate the OCC's commitment to doing business with that community. The Outreach Program is designed to facilitate OCC's participation in business promotion events sponsored by other government agencies and attended by minorities, women and individuals with disabilities. Once the OCC has identified a prospective participant, it will assist the minority- or women-owned business or individual with disabilities-owned business in understanding the OCC's needs and contracting process.

(b) Outreach activities. OCC's Outreach Program includes the following:

(1) Obtaining various lists and directories of MWOBs and IDOBs maintained by government agencies;

(2) Contacting appropriate firms for participation in the OCC's Outreach Program;

(3) Participating in business promotion events comprised of or attended by MWOBs and IDOBs to explain OCC contracting opportunities and to obtain names of potential MWOBs and IDOBs;

(4) Ensuring that the OCC contracting staff understands and actively promotes this Outreach Program; and

(5) Registering MWOBs and IDOBs in the Department of the Treasury's database to facilitate their participation in the competitive procurement process for OCC contracts. This database is used by OCC procurement staff to identify firms to be solicited for OCC procurements.