12 CFR § 611.1211 - Special requirements.

§ 611.1211 Special requirements.

(a) Special assessments, analyses, studies, and rulings. At any time after we receive your commencement resolution, and as we deem necessary or useful to evaluate your proposal, we may require you to engage independent experts, acceptable to us, to conduct assessments, analyses, or studies, or to request rulings, including, but not limited to:

(1) Assessments of fair value;

(2) Analyses and rulings on tax implications; and

(3) Studies of the effect of your proposal on equity holders (including the effect on holders in their capacity as borrowers), the System, and other parties.

(b) Informational meetings. After the advance notice, but before the stockholder vote, we may require you to hold regional or local informational meetings in convenient locations, at convenient times, and in a manner conducive to accommodating all equity holders that wish to attend, to discuss equity holder issues and answer questions. These meetings are subject to the plain language requirements of § 611.1217(b) regarding balanced statements.

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