12 CFR § 611.1218 - Role of directors.

§ 611.1218 Role of directors.

(a) Statements by directors. Directors may not be prohibited by confidentiality agreements or otherwise from publicly or privately commenting orally or in writing on the termination proposal and related matters.

(b) Directors' right to obtain independent advice. One or more directors of a terminating institution or an institution that is considering terminating have the right to obtain independent legal and financial advice regarding the proposed termination and related transactions. The institution must pay for such advice and related expenses as are reasonable in light of the circumstances. A request by a director or directors for the institution to pay such expenses cannot be denied unless the board of directors, by at least a two-thirds vote of the full board (the total number of current directors), denies the request. The institution must act on any request in a timely manner. For any denial of payment, the board must provide notice to the FCA within 1 business day of the denial, fully document the reasons for such a denial, and ensure that the institution discloses the nature of the request and the reasons for any denial to the terminating institution's equity holders in the plan of termination.

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