12 CFR § 611.1247 - FCA review and approval - termination.

§ 611.1247 FCA review and approval - termination.

(a) FCA action on application. After we receive the termination application, we will review it and either approve or disapprove the termination.

(b) Basis for disapproval. We will disapprove the termination if we determine that there are one or more appropriate reasons for disapproval consistent with our authorities under the Act and our regulations. We will inform you of our reason(s) for disapproval in writing.

(c) Conditions of FCA approval. We will approve your termination application only if:

(1) Your stockholders have voted in favor of termination in the termination vote and in any reconsideration vote;

(2) You have given us executed copies of all contracts, agreements, and other documents submitted under §§ 611.1221 and 611.1223;

(3) You have paid or made adequate provision for payment of debts, including responsibility for any contingent liabilities, and for retirement of equities;

(4) A Federal or State chartering authority has granted a new charter to the successor institution;

(5) You deposit into escrow an amount equal to 110 percent of the estimated exit fee plus 110 percent of the estimated amount you must pay to retire equities of dissenting stockholders and Farm Credit institutions, as described in § 611.1255(c); and

(6) You have fulfilled any condition of termination we impose.

(d) Effective date of termination. If we approve the termination, we will revoke your charter, and the termination will be effective on the date that we provide, but no earlier than the last to occur of:

(1) Fulfillment of all conditions listed in or imposed under paragraph (c) of this section;

(2) Your proposed termination date;

(3) Ninety (90) days after we receive your termination application described in § 611.1246; or

(4) Fifteen (15) days after any reconsideration vote.