12 CFR § 613.3030 - Rural home financing.

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§ 613.3030 Rural home financing.

(a) Definitions.

(1) Rural homeowner means an individual who resides in a rural area and is not a bona fide farmer, rancher, or producer or harvester of aquatic products.

(2) Rural home means a single-family moderately priced dwelling located in a rural area that will be owned and occupied as the rural homeowner's principal residence.

(3) Rural area means open country within a State or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which may include a town or village that has a population of not more than 2,500 persons.

(4) Moderately priced means the price of any rural home that either:

(i) Satisfies the criteria in section 8.0 of the Act pertaining to rural home loans that collateralize securities that are guaranteed by the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation; or

(ii) Is otherwise determined to be moderately priced for housing values for the rural area where it is located, as documented by data from a credible, independent, and recognized national or regional source, such as a Federal, State, or local government agency, or an industry source. Housing values at or below the 75th percentile of values reflected in such data will be deemed moderately priced.

(b) Eligibility. Any rural homeowner is eligible to obtain financing on a rural home. No borrower shall have a loan from the Farm Credit System on more than one rural home at any one time.

(c) Purposes of financing. Loans may be made to rural homeowners for the purpose of buying, building, remodeling, improving, repairing rural homes, and refinancing existing indebtedness thereon.

(d) Portfolio limitations.

(1) The aggregate of retail rural home loans by any Farm Credit Bank or agricultural credit bank shall not exceed 15 percent of the total of all of its outstanding loans at any one time.

(2) The aggregate of rural home loans made by each direct lender association shall not exceed 15 percent of the total of its outstanding loans at the end of its preceding fiscal year, except with the prior approval of its funding bank.

(3) The aggregate of rural home loans made by all direct lender associations that are funded by the same Farm Credit bank shall not exceed 15 percent of the total outstanding loans of all such associations at the end of the funding bank's preceding fiscal year.

[62 FR 4441, Jan. 30, 1997, as amended at 66 FR 28643, May 24, 2001]