12 CFR § 615.5132 - Investment purposes.

§ 615.5132 Investment purposes.

(a) Each Farm Credit bank may hold eligible investments, listed under § 615.5140, in an amount not to exceed 35 percent of its total outstanding loans, to comply with its liquidity requirements in § 615.5134, manage surplus short-term funds, and manage interest rate risk under § 615.5180. To comply with this calculation, the 30-day average daily balance of investments is divided by loans. Investments are calculated at amortized cost. Loans are calculated as defined in § 615.5131. For the purpose of this calculation, loans include accrued interest and do not include any allowance for credit loss adjustments. Compliance with the calculation is measured on the last day of every month.

(b) The following investments may be excluded when calculating the amount of eligible investments held by the Farm Credit bank pursuant to § 615.5132(a):

(1) Eligible investments listed under § 615.5140 that are pledged by a Farm Credit bank to meet margin requirements for derivative transactions; and

(2) Any other investments FCA determines are appropriate for exclusion.

[77 FR 66371, Nov. 5, 2012, as amended at 87 FR 27492, May 9, 2022]