12 CFR § 615.5357 - Response to notice.

§ 615.5357 Response to notice.

(a) An institution may respond to the notice by stating why a capital directive should not be issued and/or by proposing alternative contents for the capital directive or seeking other appropriate relief. The response shall include any information, mitigating circumstances, documentation, or other relevant evidence that supports its position. The response may include a plan for achieving the minimum capital ratios applicable to the institution. The response must be in writing and delivered to the Farm Credit Administration within 30 days after the date on which the institution received the notice. In its discretion, the Farm Credit Administration may extend the time period for good cause. The Farm Credit Administration may shorten the 30-day time period:

(1) When, in the opinion of the Farm Credit Administration, the condition of the institution so requires, provided that the institution shall be informed promptly of the new time period;

(2) With the consent of the institution; or

(3) When the institution already has advised the Farm Credit Administration that it cannot or will not achieve its applicable minimum capital ratios.

(b) Failure to respond within 30 days or such other time period as may be specified by the Farm Credit Administration shall constitute a waiver of any objections to the proposed capital directive.