12 CFR § 615.5460 - Additional provisions.

§ 615.5460 Additional provisions.

(a) Additional requirements. In any case or any class of cases arising under the regulations in this subpart, the Farm Credit banks and the Funding Corporation may require such additional evidence and a bond of indemnity, with or without surety, as may in the judgment of the Farm Credit banks and the Funding Corporation be necessary for the protection of the interests of the Farm Credit banks and the Funding Corporation.

(b) Notice of attachment for Farm Credit securities in the Book-entry System. The interest of a debtor in a security entitlement may be reached by a creditor only by legal process upon the securities intermediary with whom the debtor's securities account is maintained, except where a security entitlement is maintained in the name of a secured party, in which case the debtor's interest may be reached by legal process upon the secured party. These regulations do not purport to establish whether a Federal Reserve Bank is required to honor an order or other notice of attachment in any particular case or class of cases.

(c) Conversion of definitive securities into book-entry securities. Definitive Farm Credit securities may be converted to book-entry form in accordance with the terms of the applicable securities documentation and Federal Reserve Operating Circular.

[61 FR 67192, Dec. 20, 1996, as amended at 62 FR 53230, Oct. 14, 1997]