12 CFR § 622.11 - Motions.

§ 622.11 Motions.

(a) How made. An application or request for an order or ruling not otherwise specifically provided for in this subpart, unless made during a hearing, shall be made by written motion supported by a memorandum which concisely states the grounds therefor.

(b) Opposition. Within 10 days after service of any written motion, or within such other period of time as may be fixed by the presiding officer, any party may file a memorandum in opposition thereto. The moving party has no right to reply except as permitted by the presiding officer. The presiding officer has discretion to waive the requirements of this section as to motions for extension of time and may rule upon such motions ex parte.

(c) Oral argument. No oral argument will be heard on motions except as otherwise directed by the presiding officer or the Board.

(d) Rulings and orders. Except as otherwise provided in this subpart, the presiding officer shall rule on all motions and may issue appropriate orders, except that motions may be referred to the Board if the presiding officer is unavailable or determines that such motion should be referred to the Board. Prior to the appointment of a presiding officer and after a recommended decision is filed pursuant to § 622.12, the Board shall rule on motions filed by the parties.

(e) Appeal from rulings on motions. All answers, motions, objections and rulings shall become part of the record. Rulings of a presiding officer on any motion may not be appealed to the Board prior to its consideration of the presiding officer's recommended decision, except by special permission of the Board. However, such rulings shall be considered by the Board in reviewing the record. Requests to the Board for special permission to appeal from a ruling of the presiding officer shall be filed in writing within 5 days of the ruling, and shall briefly state the grounds relied on. The moving party shall immediately serve a copy thereof on every other party to the proceeding who may then respond to such request within 5 days after service.

(f) Continuation of hearing. Unless otherwise ordered by the presiding officer or the Board, the hearing shall continue pending the determination of any request or motion by the Board.