12 CFR § 622.59 - Assessment order.

§ 622.59 Assessment order.

(a) Consent. In the event of consent of the parties concerned to an assessment, or if, upon the record made at a hearing ordered under this subpart, the Board finds that the grounds for having assessed the penalty have been established, the Board may issue an order of assessment of civil money penalty. In its assessment order, the Board may reduce the amount of the penalty specified in the notice of assessment.

(b) Effective date and period. An assessment order is effective immediately upon issuance, or upon such other date as may be specified therein, and will remain effective and enforceable unless it is stayed, modified, terminated, or set aside by action of the board or a reviewing court.

(c) Service. An assessment order may be served by personal service or by certified mail with a return receipt to the last known address of the institution or person being assessed. Such service constitutes issuance of the order.

[51 FR 21139, June 11, 1986, as amended at 70 FR 12585, Mar. 15, 2005]