12 CFR § 652.25 - Ineligible investments.

§ 652.25 Ineligible investments.

(a) Investments ineligible when purchased. Non-program investments that do not satisfy the eligibility criteria set forth in § 652.20(a) or have not been approved by the FCA pursuant to § 652.23 at the time of purchase are ineligible. You must not purchase ineligible investments. If you determine that you have purchased an ineligible investment, you must notify us within 15 calendar days after such determination. You must divest of the investment no later than 60 calendar days after you determine that the investment is ineligible unless we approve, in writing, a plan that authorizes you to divest the investment over a longer period of time. Until you divest of the investment, it may not be used to satisfy your liquidity requirement(s) under § 652.40, but must continue to be included in the § 652.15(b) investment portfolio limit calculation.

(b) Investments that no longer satisfy eligibility criteria. If you determine that a non-program investment no longer satisfies the criteria set forth in § 652.20 or no longer satisfies the conditions of approval issued under § 652.23, you must notify us within 15 calendar days after such determination. If approved by the FCA in writing, you may continue to hold the investment, subject to the following and any other conditions we impose:

(1) You may not use the investment to satisfy your § 652.40 liquidity requirement(s);

(2) The investment must continue to be included in your § 652.15 investment portfolio limit calculation; and

(3) You must develop a plan to reduce the investment's risk to you.

[83 FR 55098, Nov. 2, 2018]