12 CFR § 7.2016 - Restricting transfer of national bank stock and record dates; stock certificates.

§ 7.2016 Restricting transfer of national bank stock and record dates; stock certificates.

(a) Restricting transfer of stock and record dates -

(1) Conditions for stock transfer. Under 12 U.S.C. 52, a national bank may impose conditions upon the transfer of its stock reasonably calculated to simplify the work of the bank with respect to stock transfers, voting at shareholders' meetings, and related matters and to protect it against fraudulent transfers.

(2) Record dates. A national bank may close its stock records for a reasonable period to ascertain shareholders for voting purposes. The board of directors may fix a record date for determining the shareholders entitled to notice of, and to vote at, any meeting of shareholders. The record date should be in reasonable proximity to the date that notice is given to the shareholders of the meeting.

(b) Bank stock certificates.

(1) A national bank may prescribe the manner in which its stock must be transferred in its bylaws or articles of association. A bank issuing stock in certificated form must comply with the requirements of 12 U.S.C. 52, including as to:

(i) The name and location of the bank;

(ii) The name of the holder of record of the stock represented thereby;

(iii) The number and class of shares which the certificate represents;

(iv) If the bank issues more than one class of stock, the respective rights, preferences, privileges, voting rights, powers, restrictions, limitations, and qualifications of each class of stock issued (unless incorporated by reference to the articles of association);

(v) Signatures of the president and cashier of the bank, or such other officers as the bylaws of the bank provide; and

(vi) The seal of the bank.

(2) The requirements of paragraph (b)(1)(v) of this section may be met through the use of electronic means or by facsimile.

[61 FR 4862, Feb. 9, 1996, as amended at 85 FR 83735, Dec. 22, 2020]

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