12 CFR § 709.11 - Prepayment fees to Federal Home Loan Bank.

§ 709.11 Prepayment fees to Federal Home Loan Bank.

The Board as conservator or liquidating agent of a federally-insured credit union in receipt of any extension of credit from a Federal Home Loan Bank will allow a claim for a prepayment fee by the Bank if:

(a) The claim is made pursuant to a written contract that provides for a prepayment fee but the prepayment fee allowed by the Board will not exceed the present value of the loss attributable to the difference between the contract rate of the secured borrowing and the reinvestment rate then available to the Bank; and

(b) The indebtedness owed to the Bank is secured by sufficient collateral in which a perfected security interest in favor of the Bank exists or as to which the Bank's security interest is entitled to priority under section 306(d) of the Competitive Equality Banking Act of 1987, 12 U.S.C. 1430(e), or otherwise so that the aggregate of the outstanding principal on the advances secured by the collateral, the accrued but unpaid interest on the outstanding principal and the prepayment fee applicable to the advances can be paid in full from the amounts realized from the collateral. For purposes of this paragraph, the adequacy of the collateral will be determined as of the date the prepayment fees are due and payable under the terms of the written contract.

[66 FR 40575, Aug. 3, 2001. Redesignated at 82 FR 50294, Oct. 30, 2017]