12 CFR § 792.10 - What will NCUA do with my request?

§ 792.10 What will NCUA do with my request?

(a) On receipt of any request, the Information Center assigns it to the appropriate processing schedule, pursuant to paragraph (b) of this section. The date of receipt for any request, including one that is addressed incorrectly or is forwarded to NCUA by another agency, is the earlier of the date the appropriate Information Center actually receives the request or 10 working days after either of NCUA's Information Centers receives the request.

(b)NCUA has a multi-track processing system. Requests for records that are readily identifiable by the Information Center and have already been cleared for public release may qualify for fast track processing. Requests that meet the requirements of § 792.18 will be processed on the expedited track. All other requests will be handled under normal processing procedures in the order they were received.

(c) The Information Center will make the determination whether a request qualifies for fast track processing or expedited track processing. You may contact the Information Center to learn to which track your request has been assigned. If your request has not qualified for fast track processing, you will have an opportunity to limit the scope of material requested to qualify for fast track processing. Limitations of requests must be in writing. If your request for expedited processing is not granted, you will be advised of your right to appeal.

(d) The Information Center will normally process requests in the order they are received in the separate processing tracks. However, in NCUA's discretion, a particular request may be processed out of turn.

(e) Upon a determination by the appropriate Information Center to comply with your initial request for records, the records will be made promptly available to you. NCUA will also advise you of the right to seek assistance from the FOIA Public Liaison. If we notify you of a denial of your request, we will include the reason for the denial. NCUA will also advise you of the right to utilize dispute resolution services offered by the FOIA Public Liaison and the Office of Government Information Services.

(f) The Information Center will search for records responsive to your request and will generally include all records in existence at the time the search begins. If we use a different search cut-off date, we will inform you of that date.

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