12 CFR 911.2 - Purpose and scope.

§ 911.2 Purpose and scope.
(a) Purpose. The purposes of this part are to:
(1) Maintain the confidentiality and control the dissemination of unpublished information;
(2) Conserve the time of employees for official duties and ensure that Finance Board resources are used in the most efficient manner;
(3) Maintain the Finance Board's impartiality among private litigants; and
(4) Establish an orderly mechanism for the Finance Board to process expeditiously and respond appropriately to requests for unpublished information.
(b) Scope.
(1) This part applies to a request for and use and disclosure of unpublished information, including a request for unpublished information by document or testimony arising out of a legal proceeding in which neither the Finance Board nor the United States is a party. It does not apply to a request for unpublished information in a legal proceeding in which the Finance Board or the United States is a party or a request for information or records the Finance Board must disclose under the Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, or the Finance Board's implementing regulations.
(2) This part does not, and may not be relied upon to create any substantive or procedural right or benefit enforceable against the Finance Board.
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