12 CFR 911.8 - Availability of unpublished information by document.

§ 911.8 Availability of unpublished information by document.
(a) Scope. The scope of permissible document disclosure is limited to that set forth in the written authorization granted by the Finance Board. The Finance Board may act to ensure that the scope of documents provided is consistent with the written authorization.
(b) Restrictions on use and disclosure. The Finance Board may condition a decision to disclose unpublished information by document on entry of a protective order satisfactory to the Finance Board by the court or other body presiding in a legal proceeding or, in non-adversarial matters, on a written agreement of confidentiality that limits access of third parties to the unpublished information. In a legal proceeding in which a protective order already has been entered, the Finance Board may condition a decision to disclose unpublished information upon inclusion of additional or amended provisions in the protective order. Upon request made pursuant to this part or on its own initiative, the Finance Board may authorize use of the documents in another legal proceeding or non-adversarial matter.
(c) Responsibility of litigants. If the documents are disclosed in connection with a legal proceeding, the requester is responsible for:
(1) Promptly notifying all other parties to the legal proceeding of the disclosure, and, after entry of a protective order, providing copies of the documents to the other parties that are signatories and subject to the protective order; and
(2) At the conclusion of the legal proceeding, retrieving the documents from the court or other body's file as soon as they are no longer required and certifying to the Finance Board that every party covered by the protective order has destroyed the unpublished information.
(d) Certification or authentication. If the Finance Board has authorized disclosure of unpublished information by document, it will provide certified or authenticated copies of the document upon request.
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