12 CFR 956.1 - Definitions.

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§ 956.1 Definitions.
As used in this part:
Deposits in banks or trust companies has the meaning set forth in § 965.1 of this chapter.
Derivative contract means generally a financial contract the value of which is derived from the values of one or more underlying assets, reference rates, or indices of asset values, or credit-related events. Derivative contracts include interest rate, foreign exchange rate, equity, precious metals, commodity, and credit contracts, and any other instruments that pose similar risks.
Investment grade means:
(1) A credit quality rating in one of the four highest credit rating categories by an NRSRO and not below the fourth highest credit rating category by any NRSRO; or
(2) If there is no credit quality rating by an NRSRO, a determination by a Bank that the issuer, asset or instrument is the credit equivalent of investment grade using credit rating standards available from an NRSRO or other similar standards.
Repurchase agreement means an agreement between a seller and a buyer whereby the seller agrees to repurchase a security or similar securities at an agreed upon price, with or without a stated time for repurchase.
[67 FR 12853, Mar. 20, 2002]
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