12 CFR 956.2 - Authorized investments.

§ 956.2 Authorized investments.
In addition to assets enumerated in parts 950 and 955 of this chapter and subject to the applicable limitations set forth in this part, in the Financial Management Policy and in part 980 of this chapter, each Bank may invest in:
(a) Obligations of the United States;
(b) Deposits in banks or trust companies;
(c) Obligations, participations or other instruments of, or issued by, Fannie Mae or Ginnie Mae;
(d) Mortgages, obligations, or other securities that are, or ever have been, sold by Freddie Mac pursuant to section 305 or 306 of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Act (12 U.S.C. 1454 or 1455);
(e) Stock, obligations, or other securities of any small business investment company formed pursuant to 15 U.S.C. 681(d), to the extent such investment is made for purposes of aiding members of the Bank; and
(f) Instruments that the Bank has determined are permissible investments for fiduciary or trust funds under the laws of the state in which the Bank is located.
[65 FR 43985, July 17, 2000, as amended at 67 FR 12853, Mar. 20, 2002]
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