12 CFR 966.8 - Conditions for issuance of consolidated obligations.

§ 966.8 Conditions for issuance of consolidated obligations.
(a) The Office of Finance board of directors shall authorize the offering for current and forward settlement (up to 12 months) or the reopening of COs, as necessary, and authorize the maturities, rates of interest, terms and conditions thereof, subject to the provisions of 31 U.S.C. 9108.
(b) COs may be offered for sale only to the extent that Banks are committed to take the proceeds.
(c) COs shall not be directly placed with any Bank.
(d) If a Bank participates in any CO denominated in a currency other than U.S. Dollars or linked to equity or commodity prices, then the Bank shall meet the following requirements:
(1) The relevant foreign exchange, equity price or commodity price risks associated with the CO must be hedged in accordance with § 956.6 of this chapter;
(2) If there is a default on the part of a counterparty to a contract hedging the foreign exchange, equity or commodity price risk associated with a CO, the Bank shall enter into a replacement contract in a timely manner and as soon as market conditions permit.
[65 FR 36298, June 7, 2000, as amended at 66 FR 8321, Jan. 30, 2001; 67 FR 12853, Mar. 20, 2002]
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