12 CFR Part 203, Appendix B to Part 203 - Form and Instructions for Data Collection on Ethnicity, Race, and Sex

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Appendix B to Part 203—Form and Instructions for Data Collection on Ethnicity, Race, and Sex
I. Instructions on Collection of Data on Ethnicity, Race, and Sex
You may list questions regarding the ethnicity, race, and sex of the applicant on your loan application form, or on a separate form that refers to the application. (See the sample form below for model language.)
II. Procedures
A. You must ask the applicant for this information (but you cannot require the applicant to provide it) whether the application is taken in person, by mail or telephone, or on the Internet. For applications taken by telephone, the information in the collection form must be stated orally by the lender, except for that information which pertains uniquely to applications taken in writing.
B. Inform the applicant that the federal government requests this information in order to monitor compliance with federal statutes that prohibit lenders from discriminating against applicants on these bases. Inform the applicant that if the information is not provided where the application is taken in person, you are required to note the data on the basis of visual observation or surname.
C. You must offer the applicant the option of selecting one or more racial designations.
D. If the applicant chooses not to provide the information for an application taken in person, note this fact on the form and then note the applicant's ethnicity, race, and sex on the basis of visual observation and surname, to the extent possible.
E. If the applicant declines to answer these questions or fails to provide the information on an application taken by mail or telephone or on the Internet, the data need not be provided. In such a case, indicate that the application was received by mail, telephone, or Internet, if it is not otherwise evident on the face of the application.
[67 FR 7236, Feb. 15, 2002, as amended at 67 FR 43227, June 27, 2002]

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