13 CFR § 107.1450 - Optional redemption of Preferred Securities.

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§ 107.1450 Optional redemption of Preferred Securities.

(a) Redemption at par or face value. A Section 301(d) Licensee may redeem Preferred Securities at any time, provided you give SBA at least 30 days written notice. You may redeem all or only part of your Preferred Securities, but the par value or face value of the securities being redeemed must be at least $50,000. At the redemption date, you must pay to SBA:

(1) The par value (of preferred stock) or face value (of a preferred limited partnership interest); plus

(2) Any unpaid dividends or partnership distributions accrued to the redemption date.

(b) Repurchase of 3 percent preferred stock for less than par value. If you issued 3 percent preferred stock to SBA, you may ask SBA to sell it back to you at a price less than its par value. The terms and conditions of any such transaction will be as set forth in the Notice published in the Federal Register on April 1, 1994 (Copies of this notice are available from SBA, 409 3rd Street, SW., Washington, DC, 20416). SBA has sole discretion to:

(1) Approve or disapprove the sale.

(2) Determine the sale price after considering any factors SBA considers appropriate.

(3) Determine the form of payment SBA will accept. SBA is not authorized to accept the proceeds of a subsidized Debenture as payment.