13 CFR § 120.120 - What are eligible uses of proceeds?

§ 120.120 What are eligible uses of proceeds?

A small business must use an SBA business loan for sound business purposes. The uses of proceeds are prescribed in each loan's Authorization.

(a) A Borrower may use loan proceeds from any SBA loan to:

(1) Acquire land (by purchase or lease);

(2) Improve a site (e.g., grading, streets, parking lots, landscaping), including up to 5 percent for community improvements such as curbs and sidewalks;

(3) Purchase one or more existing buildings;

(4) Convert, expand or renovate one or more existing buildings;

(5) Construct one or more new buildings; and/or

(6) Acquire (by purchase or lease) and install fixed assets (for a 504 loan, these assets must have a useful life of at least 10 years and be at a fixed location, although short-term financing for equipment, furniture, and furnishings may be permitted where essential to and a minor portion of the 504 Project).

(b) A Borrower may also use 7(a) and microloan proceeds for:

(1) Inventory;

(2) Supplies;

(3) Raw materials; and

(4) Working capital (if the Operating Company is a co-borrower with the Eligible Passive Company, part of the loan proceeds may be applied for working capital and/or the purchase of other assets, including intangible assets, for use by the Operating Company).

(c) A Borrower may use 7(a) loan proceeds for refinancing certain outstanding debts.

[61 FR 3235, Jan. 31, 1996, as amended at 77 FR 19533, Apr. 2, 2012]

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