13 CFR § 120.701 - Definitions.

§ 120.701 Definitions.

(a) Deposit account is a demand, time, savings, passbook, or similar account maintained with an insured depository institution (not including an account evidenced by a Certificate of Deposit).

(b) Grant is a Federal award of money, or property in lieu of money (including cooperative agreements) to an eligible grantee that must account for its use. The term does not include the provision of technical assistance, revenue sharing, loans, loan guarantees, interest subsidies, insurance, direct appropriations, or any fellowship or other lump sum award.

(c) Insured depository institution means any Federally insured bank, savings association, or credit union.

(d) Intermediary is an entity participating in the Microloan Program which makes and services Microloans to eligible small businesses and which provides marketing, management, and technical assistance to its borrowers. It may be:

(1) A private, nonprofit community development corporation or other entity;

(2) A consortium of private, nonprofit community development corporations or other entities;

(3) A quasi-governmental economic development entity, other than a state, county, municipal government or any agency thereof; or

(4) An agency of or a nonprofit entity established by a Native American Tribal Government.

(e) Microloan is a short-term, fixed interest rate loan of not more than $50,000 made by an Intermediary to an eligible small business.

(f) Non-Federal sources are sources of funds other than the Federal Government and may include indirect costs or in-kind contributions paid for under non-Federal programs. Community Block Development Grants are considered non-Federal sources.

(g) Specialized Intermediary is an Intermediary which maintains a portfolio of Microloans averaging $10,000 or less.

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