13 CFR § 120.870 - Leasing Project Property.

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§ 120.870 Leasing Project Property.

(a) A Borrower may use the proceeds of a 504 loan to acquire, construct, or modify buildings and improvements, and/or to purchase and install machinery and equipment located on land leased to the Borrower by an unrelated lessor if:

(1) The remaining term of the lease, including options to renew, exercisable only by the lessee, equals or exceeds the term of the Debenture;

(2) The Borrower assigns its interest in the lease to the CDC with right of reassignment to SBA; and

(3) The 504 loan is secured by a recorded lien against the leasehold estate and other collateral as necessary.

(b) If the Project is for new construction, the Borrower may lease long term up to 20 percent of the Rentable Property in the Project to one or more tenants if the Borrower immediately occupies at least 60 percent of the Rentable Property, plans to occupy within three years some of the remaining space not immediately occupied and not leased long term, and plans to occupy all of the remaining space not leased long term within ten years.

[61 FR 3235, Jan. 31, 1996, as amended at 64 FR 2118, Jan. 13, 1999; 68 FR 57987, Oct. 7, 2003]