13 CFR § 120.881 - Ineligible Projects for 504 loans.

§ 120.881 Ineligible Projects for 504 loans.

In addition to the ineligible businesses and uses of proceeds specified in subpart A of this part, the following Projects are ineligible for 504 financing:

(a) Relocation of any of the operations of a small business which will cause a net reduction of one-third or more in the workforce of a relocating small business or a substantial increase in unemployment in any area of the country, unless the CDC can justify the loan because:

(1) The relocation is for key economic reasons and crucial to the continued existence, economic wellbeing, and/or competitiveness of the applicant; and

(2) The economic development benefits to the applicant and the receiving community outweigh the negative impact on the community from which the applicant is moving; and

(b) Projects in foreign countries (loans financing real or personal property located outside the United States or its possessions).