13 CFR § 120.920 - Required participation by the Third Party Lender.

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§ 120.920 Required participation by the Third Party Lender.

(a) Amount of Third Party Loans. A Project financing must include one or more Third Party Loans totaling at least as much as the 504 loan. However, the Third Party Loans must total at least 50 percent of the total cost of the Project if:

(1) The Borrower (or Operating Company, if the Borrower is an Eligible Passive Company) has operated for two years or less, or

(2) The Project is for the acquisition, construction, conversion or expansion of a limited or single purpose asset.

(b) Third party loan collateral. The 504 loan is usually collateralized by a second lien on Project Property. The Third Party Lender may obtain additional collateral or other security for the Third Party Loan (“Additional Collateral”) only if in the event of liquidation and unless otherwise approved in writing by SBA:

(1) The Third Party Lender liquidates or otherwise exhausts all reasonable avenues of collection with respect to the Additional Collateral no later than the disposition of the Project Property, and

(2) The Third Party Lender applies any proceeds received as a result of the Additional Collateral to the balance outstanding on the Third Party Loan prior to the application of proceeds from the disposition of the Project Property to the Third Party Loan.

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