13 CFR § 120.953 - Trustee.

§ 120.953 Trustee.

SBA must appoint a Trustee to:

(a) Issue Certificates;

(b) Transfer the Certificates upon resale in the secondary market;

(c) Maintain physical possession of the Debentures for SBA and the Certificate holders;

(d) Establish and maintain a central registry of:

(1) Debenture Pools, including the CDC obligors and the interest rate payable on the Debentures in each Pool;

(2) Certificates issued or transferred, including the Debenture Pool backing the Certificate, name and address of the purchaser, price paid, the interest rate on the Certificate, and fees or charges assessed by the transferror; and

(3) Brokers and dealers in Certificates, and the commissions, fees or discounts granted to the brokers and dealers;

(e) Receive semi-annual Debenture payments and prepayments;

(f) Make regularly scheduled and prepayment payments to Investors; and

(g) Assure before any resale of a Debenture or Certificate is recorded in the registry that the seller has provided the purchaser a written disclosure statement approved by SBA.