13 CFR § 120.954 - Central Servicing Agent.

(a) SBA has entered into a Master Servicing Agreement designating a Central Servicing Agent (CSA) to support the orderly flow of funds among Borrowers, CDCs, and SBA. The CDC and Borrower must enter into an individual Servicing Agent Agreement with the CSA for each 504 loan, constituting acceptance by the CDC and the Borrower of the terms of the Master Servicing Agreement.

(b) The CSA has established a master reserve account. All funds related to the 504 loans and Debentures flow through the master reserve account under the provisions of the Master Servicing Agreement. The master reserve account will be funded by a guarantee fee, a funding fee to be published from time to time in the Federal Register, and by principal and interest payments of 504 loans. At SBA's direction, the CSA may use funds in the master reserve account to defray program expenses. In the event a Borrower defaults and its 504 note is accelerated, SBA shall add funds under its guarantee to ensure the full and timely payment of the Debenture which funded the 504 loan. At SBA's direction, the CSA must pay to the CDC servicing each loan the interest accruing in the master reserve account on loan payments made by each Borrower between the date of receipt of each monthly payment and the date of disbursement to investors. The CSA may disburse such interest periodically to CDCs on a pro rata basis. SBA may use interest accruals in the master reserve account earned prior to October 1991 (not previously distributed to the CDCs) for the costs of 504 program administration.