13 CFR § 126.805 - What are the procedures for appeals of HUBZone status determinations?

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§ 126.805 What are the procedures for appeals of HUBZone status determinations?

(a) Who may appeal. The protested HUBZone SBC, the protestor, or the CO may file appeals of protest determinations with the AA/GC&BD, or designee.

(b) Timeliness of appeal. The AA/GC&BD, or designee must receive the appeal no later than five business days after the date of receipt of the protest determination. SBA will dismiss any appeal received after the five-day period.

(c) Method of Submission. The party appealing the decision may deliver its appeal in person, by facsimile, by express delivery service, or by U.S. mail (postmarked within the applicable time period).

(d) Notice of appeal. The party bringing an appeal must provide notice of the appeal to the contracting activity contracting officer and either the protested HUBZone SBC or original protestor, as appropriate.

(e) Grounds for appeal.

(1) SBA will re-examine a protest determination only if there was a clear and significant error in the processing of the protest or if the D/HUB failed completely to consider a significant fact contained within the information supplied by the protestor or the protested HUBZone SBC.

(2) SBA will not consider additional information or changed circumstances that were not disclosed at the time of the D/HUB's decision or that are based on disagreement with the findings and conclusions contained in the determination.

(f) Contents of appeal. The appeal must be in writing. The appeal must identify the protest determination being appealed and set forth a full and specific statement as to why the decision is erroneous or what significant fact the D/HUB failed to consider.

(g) Decision. The AA/GC&BD, or designee will make a decision within five business days of receipt of the appeal, if practicable, and will base his or her decision only on the information and documentation in the protest record as supplemented by the appeal. SBA will provide a copy of the decision to the CO, the protestor, and the protested HUBZone SBC, consistent with law. The ADA/GC&BD's decision is the final agency decision.

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