13 CFR § 134.227 - Finality of decisions.

§ 134.227 Finality of decisions.

(a) Initial decisions. Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (b) of this section, a decision by the Judge on the merits is an initial decision. However, unless a request for review is filed pursuant to § 134.228(a), or a request for reconsideration is filed pursuant to paragraph (c) of this section, an initial decision shall become the final decision of the SBA 30 days after its service.

(b) Final decisions. A decision by the Judge on the merits shall be a final decision in the following proceedings:

(1) Collection of debts owed to SBA and the United States under the Debt Collection Act of 1982, Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996, and part 140 of this chapter;

(2) Appeals from SBA 8(a) program determinations under the Act and part 124 of this chapter;

(3) Appeals from size determinations and NAICS code designations under part 121 of this chapter;

(4) Size Standard Petitions; and

(5) In other proceedings as provided either in the applicable program regulations or in other subparts of this part 134.

(c) Reconsideration. Except as otherwise provided by statute, the applicable program regulations in this chapter, or this part 134, an initial or final decision of the Judge may be reconsidered. Any party in interest, including SBA where SBA did not appear as a party during the proceeding that led to the issuance of the Judge's decision, may request reconsideration by filing with the Judge and serving a petition for reconsideration within 20 days after service of the written decision, upon a clear showing of an error of fact or law material to the decision. The Judge also may reconsider a decision on his or her own initiative.

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