13 CFR 301.10 - Formal application requirements.

§ 301.10 Formal application requirements.

Each formal application for EDA Investment Assistance must:

(a) Include evidence of applicant eligibility (as set forth in § 301.2) and of economic distress (as set forth in § 301.3);

(b) Identify the sources of funds, both eligible Federal and non-EDA, and In-Kind Contributions that will constitute the required Matching Share for the Project (see the Matching Share requirements under § 301.5); and

(c) For Projects under parts 305 or 307 of this chapter, include a CEDS acceptable to EDA pursuant to part 303 of this chapter or otherwise incorporate by reference a current CEDS that EDA approves for the Project. The requirements stated in the preceding sentence shall not apply to:

(1) Strategy Grants, as defined in § 307.3 of this chapter; and

(2) A Project located in a Region designated as a Special Impact Area pursuant to part 310 of this chapter.

(d) Projects that propose the construction of a business, technology, or other type of incubator or accelerator, must include a feasibility study demonstrating the need for the Project and an operational plan based on industry best practices demonstrating the Eligible Applicant's plan for ongoing successful operations. EDA will provide further guidance in the applicable FFO. EDA may require the Recipient to demonstrate that the feasibility study has been conducted by an impartial third party, as determined by EDA.

[ 75 FR 4263, Jan. 27, 2010, as amended at 79 FR 76127, Dec. 19, 2014]